No One Is Coming To Save You And That Is Your Salvation

Why look back? No one is coming to save you. Not your parents, best friends, or significant other.  No matter how bad things get, they will not be able to help you. I have told many people that I would be there with them through their tough times.  In reality, I couldn't help them.  It's just … Continue reading No One Is Coming To Save You And That Is Your Salvation

Dream Your Dream

Keep dreaming. Don't allow people to tell you dreaming is silly. Don't allow people to tell you that you need to grow up and be responsible. Dreaming is responsible. As long as you are acting on them. As long as you trying to elevate your life and that of others. Keep Dreaming with your eyes wide … Continue reading Dream Your Dream

How Saying No Will Make Your Dreams Come True

How many times do you use the word no a day? No.  Say it with me.  No.  Why am I asking you to repeat that word?  Because many of us really don't know the power of the word no. See, when you are a child you are taught to say no to many things.  Say … Continue reading How Saying No Will Make Your Dreams Come True

Born to Lead

I try and listen to Lewis Howes at least two or three times a week.  He is a lifestyle entrepreneur who leads by example and lives by always giving to others.  I particularly liked this podcast called Born to Lead.  It follows my theme here at Living The Dream about helping yourself first to help others. So take … Continue reading Born to Lead


Everyone will tell you how and what to do with your life.  Everyone will tell you to go to college, get a good job and work hard.  Nothing wrong with that, but is that necessarily for everyone?  Maybe.  Maybe not. The point is that it's your choice and you must take control of your life. … Continue reading CEO

Surround Yourself with Good (MM)

   "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."-Jim Rohn       We have all heard this quote or a variation of it at some point of our life.  Maybe it was in a class.  Maybe it came from your mother when she questioned you about the friends you … Continue reading Surround Yourself with Good (MM)

The reason I write

I write a lot to just get out my inner thoughts.  A lot of times I am talking to myself more than anything.  Not always knowing that I am helping someone get back on track.  I am humbled to see words like below come across my Facebook timeline. "Antonio Vereen, this should be enough motivation … Continue reading The reason I write

Be happy. Keep working.

We are always watching what the next person has. Trying to stay relevant with material things. Relevant to people who care nothing about you. Oftentimes we are worried about being popular and making others jealous. When you should be grateful for what you have now and working on something better. It's all about building a … Continue reading Be happy. Keep working.