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What Are You Chasing Anyway?


Everyone I know is chasing something in life. Notice I said something and not someone.  There is a clear and definable difference.  Now, I am not talking about your friends in your circle of trust.  Because I am a big advocate of having friends smarter and more accomplished than you. I believe that true friendship and healthy competition makes us all achieve more. Continue reading “What Are You Chasing Anyway?”

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One Life. Do It Now.


One life.  That’s all we have. So what are you going to do with it?  Write?  Workout?  Read that book that you have been meaning to for months?  Doesn’t really matter what you do.  I just want you to do something that you want to do. Not what your wife or your parents want you to do (well, at least be out of their house first!) Continue reading “One Life. Do It Now.”