How Believing In Myself Landed Me A Dream Job

Believe in me

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For many years, I didn’t believe in myself.  Sure, I talked the talk.  Said the right things that I thought people wanted to hear.  Made empty promises and left many things undone.  Why?

I simply did not believe in my life and what I stood for anymore.  It was a dark time and I knew that it had consumed a good amount of my life. And those around me probably had no idea how unhappy I was.  I didn’t want to harm myself mind you.  I just didn’t have the grit in me to change.  I became complacent and just existed like an empty vessel.

 I felt stuck in a career that was stifling my creativity.  And when I reached out to people who I thought were my friends, that didn’t’ help at all.  They told me I was just in a rut and I would get out of it.  They told me I had a great thing going and to hang in there.

When I expressed that I wanted to leave the military and do something else, that’s when a lot of people’s true colors began to show.  I heard things like, “What else do you know how to do?” and “You’re a soldier, this all you know.”  Now that was a big wake up call.

And it hurt big time.  People who I admired and held in high regard hurt me to my soul.  And in the past I would have agreed and stayed.  But this time I didn’t.  I told myself that my happiness was more important than their friendship and whether they believed in me or not.  I had to take a chance and the time was now.

Yes, I was scared out of my mind.  I had a wife and three daughters that depended on me.  They didn’t understand the change no matter how I tried to explain it to them.  But I told myself silently the same thing every day and every night: I believe in you.  I said it so much that I felt the words calm myself in the face of adversity.  And believing in myself is the reason why I am in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia now.

Believing in myself has helped me to become a Program Manager for a multi-million dollar aviation corporation that I now work for.  Believing in myself has me sitting in my villa in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia still pinching myself about this opportunity.

I am not saying any of this to brag.  I am only sharing my story to show you that it can happen.  I am not telling you to follow my route.  I am telling you that the dream that you have can be achieved.  You know the one that you are scared to tell anyone about.  Afraid that they will laugh at you or just won’t understand.  You can do it.

I believe in you.  I believe in your dreams.  I just need you to know start to believe in yourself.  Stop wasting your time doing things you don’t have a desire for.

What have you got to lose?


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The One Trick To Push Your Personal Development Through The Roof

We all want to become better at this thing called life.  To continuously improve and move closer towards greatness.  But a lot of times we have no rhyme or reason how we go about it pursuing it.  Well, I learned early on that one way works.  Not just for myself, but for many others.  It’s all about your daily routine.

What do you do day in and day out that keeps you on track?  Really think about it.  Do you wake up at a certain time?  For me, I try to make sure I do the same thing and start the same way each day.  I read some inspirational quotes, go over my affirmations and check my glucose levels.

Then I devote at least ten minutes to reading something that enriches my mind and then I soak it all in.  I write down in a moleskin what I took away from the reading and limit it to one page.  Why?  Because it really makes me think about what I read and how it affects me.

Then I grab a sheet of paper and get to work on my list for the day.  I use the Ivy Lee Method to keep me on track and focused on what I want to accomplish for that particular day. I try to do all of this within the first two hours of waking up.  Then I start on my day job.  Everything is a process, but I learned that if you have a routine, it makes things a lot easier and productive.  But all of this helps to increase your personal development, tremendously.

You see, becoming better is all about doing small things, with a routine, day in and day out. It’s called Kaizen.  It means improvement in Japanese.  It’s the art of doing small things each day to become better. This way it allows you to concentrate on the tasks for the day and grow at the same time.

This is my routine, but I didn’t write it so you could use it yourself.  I want you to think long and hard and work to build your own.  Something that you can cater to your life and put to good use.  Give it a try.  What have you got to lose?  You have everything to gain.

What does your daily routine look like?  Comment below and let me know.

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You Are Responsible For You

You are responsible for you.  Disagree?  Yes, I know those of us who are parents are responsible for our children.  Those of us who take care of younger family members or our parents are responsible for them.  But strip all of that way for a moment.
Don’t think about your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, family, etc.  Only think about yourself.  This is not being selfish.  This is being completely and honestly real.  I am not telling you to be selfish, but I am telling you all of this for a reason.  Stay with me.

Why do you I say that you are only responsible for you?  Because when you peel all the layers back it’s the very essence of our existence.  Living this world as one man or woman.  Going through life fighting to carve out your piece of the pie.

We find friends who are doing similar things as us and latch on to them.  We meet a girl or guy and we devote our every waking moment to making them happy.  All of that is fine.  I have done the same.  But what you don’t want to do is lose your identity.

And that is what happens a lot of times.  We forget to live for ourselves and only live for others.  We forget our number one thing in life:  to make something out of ourselves.  Whatever that looks like for you, you forget it.  And I believe that is a problem.

How can you be there and take responsibility of everyone else when you won’t do it for yourself?  When you take care of yourself you have more energy to take care of others.  When you take the responsibility firmly in your hands to make the best of your life, you can help others do the same.

That’s what being responsible is about. Other people can help you, but ultimately you have to put in the work.  You have to sacrifice your time and be away from others.  You have to stay up late at night and burn the midnight oil to get what you want.

You can’t blame your mother or father if they weren’t there for you.  You can’t blame your teacher for not having faith in you or not helping you.  You can’t blame your supervisor not promoting you because you are not showing the initiative that you were born with.

You are responsible for you.  Take care of that first.  Then you can take better care of your children.  Better care of your spouse.  Better care of your other responsibilities.  Because you took care of you first.  Be responsible for you.


What are you going to take responsibility for today?  This weekend?


5 Tips To Get Yourself Aligned With The Right People

aligned with the right people
Have you every had a car that pulled to the left or right every time you drove it?  No matter what you did it wouldn’t stay straight.  As tight as you held the steering wheel, it felt like the car had a mind of its own.So you take it to a car shop and they fix the problem.  They get the car back in alignment.  You took it to the right people and had them correct the problem.  You may not have even known them, but you sought them out for their skills.

This is what we need to do in our personal lives.  We are all over the place sometimes.  Trying to do so much with no direction.  That is why we are all over the road of life.  We need to get our life aligned with the right people.  Here are five tips to help you get on the right track.

  1. Figure out what you want.  What do you want to accomplish the most in the near future?  What ignites the spark inside of you?  What has you up at night and keeps butterflies in your stomach?  Got it?

2. Find the people to get you there.  It may be a certain teacher that everyone calls unapproachable.  Someone who seems smarter than the entire school.  It may be the Vice President of you company who everyone says doesn’t talk to anyone lower than a manager.  It may be a famous person that is where you want to be already.  It really doesn’t matter who it is.  Just someone ahead of you already that can help you in your journey.  Found someone? Now the hard part.  Well, for some at least.

3. Approach them right now.  That’s right.  Don’t think, just do it.  Go to that teacher’s office and knock on the door.  Talk to the V.P’s secretary and get on his calendar for that day.  Better yet, shoot him an email (not a cheesy one) and ask for five minutes of his or her time.  Send an email to that famous person and reach out sincerely.  Tell them you need a couple of minutes on the phone or Skype to ask them some questions.  They can only say no.  But many will say yes.

4.  Act on their advice.  They will say yes, but many don’t appreciate them sincerely.  Many are coming to them only asking for something material.  Not for advice and knowledge and wisdom.  You are validating them and they will help you.  Trust me.  I do it all the time.  I reach out to people and a lot of them say no.  But I only need a one or two to say yes.  And when they do, they open up completely to me.  And what they tell me I act on.  Because telling them, doesn’t do anything for people.  Walking the walk and applying the knowledge shows them that you were serious.  Acting on what they told you gets you ahead.

5. Show gratitude and give back.  Show them that what they told you has helped you get into the right frame of mind.  And if it didn’t help, tell them why but what you did instead.  This helps create a relationship that neither one of you knew was forming.  Tell them you appreciate all that they did for you and tell others.  Hell, show others and spread the knowledge to those who are out of alignment and don’t even know it.

Now you are in your right place and fully aligned.  You are headed straight down the road.  You have also gained some possible relationships along the way.  But don’t stop there.  This is a “rinse and repeat” type of thing.  You are going to have to keep doing this to stay on the right track.  You have to seek out other people and build new relationships while solidifying the other ones.

And some people will reach out for you to help in their alignment. Help them out so that we all can travel down the road of success.

Who are you going to contact this weekend or next week to get you better aligned?  Comment below and tell me about it. 


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What Is Greatness And Do You Have It In You?

I want you to close your eyes for a minute. Now I want you to picture someone you really admire. Maybe it is a famous speaker, an artist, an athlete, or a world leader. Now think of the first word that comes to mind about this person.
More than likely the word that may have come to mind was greatness. And though they may be fantastic at their chosen craft, I would caution in using the word greatness. Only because it may elevate this person to such a state that you feel the need to idolize them. The very definition leads one to believe the mythical divide between us:

Greatness can be referred to individuals who possess a natural ability to be better than all others. The concept carries the implication that the particular person or object when compared to others of a similar type, has a clear advantage over others.

See, I admire a great many people and look to use what they have accomplished in my own life. I see them as hard workers and individuals who never let go of their dreams. They worked through difficulties to rise to a prominent position in their chosen profession.
But I caution to use the word greatness only because I don’t want people to believe that it is out of their reach. That they can’t work and fight hard to accomplish all they desire. Will Smith said it best when he said:

“Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive (etc) that only the special among us will ever taste. It is something that truly exists in all of us”

I truly believe that. Greatness is not something that is only in certain families’ genetic makeup. Greatness is not exclusive to any one set of people. Greatness is inside of all of us. It resides inside every inch of your body. In every vein, muscle, bone, and cartilage. In your very soul.

It’s alright to admire someone and all that they have accomplished. But don’t dare place them higher than you so they block the sun from shining on you just the same. Greatness is upon you. What are you waiting for?



How Defining Your Why Gives You Purpose 

2015-10-11 22.56.13

Why do you get up every morning?  Why do you go to work?  Why do you go to school?  Why do you do anything?  Because it’s expected of you, right?  Because you don’t want to let your boss down or your parents for that matter?  But honestly those are all reasons for someone else.  Not necessarily at all for yourself.

See, many of you are getting up every morning for no other purpose but to maintain employment.  Or to keep attendance in school.  But are you really doing it because you are happy and want to be there?

Now I know there is someone out there right now mad and ready to stop reading this post. But hear me out.  There are some people who know their purpose and are steadfast in their convictions and will.  And that’s great, but I am talking  to everyone who has lost their way or need to get back on the right path.

And to those who are on the right path, keep reading because you may need to pass this on to your friends who aren’t.  Don’t believe me?  Well,  statistically Forbes did a poll and found that 52.3% of American workers are unhappy at work.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of people.  I don’t know the number for people in other countries, but I imagined that it would be fairly close. (If you do please comment below after reading and let me know). So why are people unhappy?  Why have you forgotten the very reason you are doing the things you do?  It’s rather simple.

You don’t have or forgotten your WHY.  

In the beginning, you wanted to work where you are now because that was the traditional thing to do.  You went to school because your parents told you to.  You got that degree because everyone else did.  But why are you following the path already traveled?

If you tell me that you are doing it because you want to be the first person in your family to graduate, then I applaud you.  That’s a why and it’s being done for you. Because you want to do it.  If you tell me that you are doing this job because it is the gateway to another and even better one, then I believe in you.

If you tell me that you are doing this because you have to take care of your family, then I understand.  That you are doing it because you have a plan with a timeline and you know where you will end up, then I respect that.  You have a why.  You know that it will not be fun all the time, but you are grounded and happy in your pursuit of greatness.

Just please don’t settle for being a  cookie cutter version of anyone in this world.  I know because for a long time I was.  One of the hardest decisions in my life was  to leave the military.  It was a tough weekend when I decided to do it.  I was leaving two decades of the only thing that I have ever known.  But I knew that deep inside my spark had dimmed and I knew I was destined for something else.

Sure, my wife thought I was crazy.  (She still does mind you.) But I am clearer on my why now.  Now I know my former colleagues will say that they are serving for their family and I totally understand and commend them for it.  But there will come a time when that career will end, priorities shift and a new why will have to be established.

My family is my true why now.  The legacy that I want to leave them is my why.   Living The Dream is my why.  And something I told myself a year ago still rings true as my why.  I said that a year from now if my words have just changed one life, then I am successful. 

You are my why.


What is your why? Comment below and let me know.  

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How Trusting Yourself Reveals How Strong You Are

Trust and Believe

Trust.  For some people, the mere mention of the word brings uneasiness inside of them.  The quickening of their heartbeat as sweat starts to form in their palms.  For others, it conjures up feelings of uncertainty and insecurity.

But what brings this feeling over us?  Is it others?  In our ability to not trust them?  Perhaps.  But I feel that it’s mostly because of how we feel about ourselves. Deep inside our subconscious where we question our ability to do  and accomplish many things.

And you are not alone.  Though many won’t admit it, there are far more people suffering from this than they will ever let on.  It’s simply fear and the possibility of failing that makes us not trust and believe in ourselves.

But when will it stop?  When will we start to use the intestinal fortitude in all of us to push forward in life?  To trust own thoughts, dreams, and ability to conquer greatness.

Is it the word greatness that has you scared to trust your own instincts?  It shouldn’t, because greatness is not reserved for the elite.  It is not reserved for those who have already achieved so much in life.  The difference between you and them is that they already trust themselves.

See greatness is in all of us. Plain in simple.  You don’t have to be famous and on television to be great.  You don’t have to play a sport for a living to be great. You just have to make a difference in your life and someone else’s.  That’s it. The same thing for trusting yourself.

You have to realize how much you can accomplish if you just trust yourself and the decisions you make.  I know there will always be hesitation to do this, but you have to suppress it.   You have to understand that trusting yourself will strengthen your resolve and bring about more confidence.

Confidence and a stronger will.  A will so strong that will aid you in accomplishing all types of phenomenal things.  But you have to start with a commitment to  yourself.  A pact to trust yourself.

So trust your heart.  Trust you mind.  Trust the very essence of your soul.  Trust that what you are doing for yourself and for your family is the right thing. In the end, it will make you all stronger beyond your expectations.

What do you need to work on and trust yourself to do?


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Failure Is Not The Word You Should Be Worried About

Failure Is Not The Word You Should Be Worried About

For a time in the military I thought it was fear that was keeping me from advancing to the peak of the military ranks.  Was I ready for more responsibility beyond leading troops? Would I fail at the task?

No, it wasn’t that.  I enjoyed helping shape some of America’s best and brightest in the ways of military tactics and resupply.  So what was it?  What kept me in a proverbial cocoon?  Safe from the outside world, but longing to start anew.

Complacency.  That’s right.  Someone who was so used to continually advancing up the ranks got comfortable.  Too comfortable in a safe position.  A safe job and paycheck. Scared to fail.

But that was the wrong way to think about things.  See, failure honestly is all psychological. Failing is going to happen in life.  We should fail and learn from the mistakes.  But we can’t call ourselves a failure and stay that way.

We are more worried about how we will be perceived if we fail.  And that’s understandable, but not acceptable.  How I look right now is not what I would be worried about. Failing is inevitable, but complacency is not.

I would be more worried about being in the same spot next year having not made any traction on my goals. That I haven’t achieved something and moved on to the next thing on my list.

See complacency will do that to you.  It will tell you that you are fine  exactly where you are. That we are only taking a break to figure out our next move.  We have accomplished a lot and we are just waiting for others to catch up.

Try again.  That excuse is not going to work.  Because complacency will rob you of your creativity.  You livelihood.  No, you need to look complacent behaviors in the face and tell them that they are not welcome.

See we have talked about this before on this blog.  Brainstorming ideas.  Coming up with priorities and then setting clear goals.  But a lot of times looking at this list can bring that supposed emotion of fear again.  And that’s ok.

But we are not going to be complacent.  Remember when I talked about the Lee Method?  Well, it doesn’t only apply to work.  Take your top six goals and apply that method to your life goals.  Write me back and let me know if it worked for you, too.  I have no doubt that it will if you are honest with yourself.

We are going to break the curse, though.  We are not going to be here in the same spot next year.  We will have moved on to a new position or job. We will have started our own side business or became an entrepreneur. The possibilities are endless.

But your life is not.  We have to start living like we have only one life. Not another one to come back to and finish everything we didn’t the first time.  Live this one.

What is your why?  Knowing why you want to succeed will make you channel that energy that you feel and use it to get started again.

So no more talking.  Let’s work on doing.  No more complacency.  Let’s work on accomplishing our dreams.

And yes, I snapped out of it.  I finally got the job I wanted, started this blog and am now retiring.  My focus is this blog and helping all of you.

What have you been complacent on and are ready to accomplish today?



4 Tips That Will Help You Become Your True Self

(courtesy of RedFrost Motivation)

 Do you know who you are?

There is someone out there right now who is feeling less than themselves.  There are a number of people out there who are just existing and getting by.  Caught in the rat race of life. They are getting by, but not happy where they are. More importantly who they are.

So what do they do?  Besides feeling hopeless and full of self-pity. What do they do need to do?

1. Figure out what you want.  Do you want to go to school? Be an entrepreneur? Be a school teacher?  The first step is figuring out what exactly do you want to be in  life.  I don’t know what makes you passionate.  What keeps you up at night and always in your thoughts during the day?

2.  Write and plan it out. Seeing things in black and white does something to the mind.  It gives an unofficial contract and gets many people fired up and ready. But you have to plan it out and figure out the steps needed to achieve your dreams.

3. Visualize it.  Sit down and close your eyes.  Take a few minutes and visualize yourself living this life already.  Who is there  with you? Who can you see that contributed to your success and is right there with you? I want you to  take the time and really see it as clearly as possible.

4. Take physical action and do it.  That’s right.  You know what you want.  You planned it out and you visualized it.  You know the details.  Now time to act on it!  You now know what it takes to be an entrepreneur, so get to work.

You wrote your plan out to get that college degree.  So it’s time to apply and get it into school.  No fear. I know you are nervous.  That’s understandable.  But we are not going to let fear take over our desire for a better life.

This is our lifeline to living an actual life not an existence.  No living organism on this planet is just existing.  Everything is living life to the fullest. With a plan and a vision of something greater that what they currently are.

  So are you ready?

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