Practice Daily What You Want to Become Forever


I love writing.  It gives me a chance to put my thoughts on paper.  It allows me to share my deep inclinations to the world.  I believe that it allows me to work through demons from my past and things I have lost along the way.

But I don’t practice it enough.  I don’t read books on writing.  I don’t attend workshops to learn more about prose and sentence structure.  I don’t watch videos on how to capture my audience.

In the future I will do some of those things,  but not all.  I think the best way to become a better writer is to write dammit. To practice writing more and more.  To put my words down in black and white for the world to digest.

The other thing I love, not more than my family mind you, is to help others.  I was never in the service to become the best Soldier I could be.  I don’t think I ever was.  I wanted to be the best human being who led and took care of soldiers.  I wanted them to follow me because I would always be there for them.  Not because of tradition and rules.

I read every personal development book that I could get my hands onto.  I read, deciphered and applied the lessons not only to myself but to those under my charge.  I quickly saw soldiers who were once always in trouble see the error of their ways.  Buy giving them words of wisdom  to think about, I helped them change and become better productive human beings.  Them becoming better leaders was a byproduct.

Practice doesn’t make perfect.  Practice makes people better than they could ever imagine. All the books I’ve read.  All the lives I have encounter and helped enrich and grow.  I practiced helping others. And it made me become a better person.

All of that has helped me to land here where I am now.  Writing these words for you all to see.  I have practiced for twenty-two and a half years to get to this point.  To hopefully help influence your life for the better.

So keep practicing so you can become better than you could ever imagine.