Wednesday Wisdom- Invictus

rough seas  Invictus

Even if you have never read the poem Invictus , you have probably still seen or heard the words on the photo. For years since I first read the poem, the last two sentences have always resonated with me.

I am the master of my fate.

To me, being the master means a lot.  It means that no matter what is thrown at me, I must learn to control how I react to it.  I decide whether I become emotional at that time and how I deal with my feelings.  It is alright to be emotional and to have compassion.  But never allow anyone else to control your destiny.  You are the master.

I am the captain of my soul.

Our soul is our most precious commodity.  Our soul is defined as the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans. I believe this to be true. I believe that we can agree that the soul is our anchor in life.  If you agree would you want someone else in control of your soul?

You guide your ship through the rough seas of life. You are the master of all your decisions.   Are you ready to take the helm?