No Matter What, Keep Moving.


Normally we are moving at a good pace through life.  Accomplishing things at will and with good intentions.  But some days we get caught in quicksand and can’t progress at all.

Obstacles, which we know how to deal with, can stop us temporarily.  They force us to relook our plan and find new ways around, over, or through them.  The key is to keep moving.

My wife has been working out for a couple months and I am very proud of her.  One of her goals is to start doing 5Ks and she sticks to her running plan.  In the evenings, we go to the local high school track and she gets her mileage in.

Even when she stops to talk to her little girls her feet are still moving. Still staying in constant motion.  Granted she is not moving, but in essence she is moving.  Get it? Her feet are still moving and her mind is still turning.  Her goal is till firmly planted in her mind and she knows that she is going to accomplish it.

No matter what we come up against in life we have to continue moving.  We want to ideally keep moving forward.  We may have to go left or right for an unspecified amount of time, but we have to keep moving with our goal still in the forefront of our mind.

Do me a favor, take the next 51 seconds to watch the below video.  I think after watch you will be ready and energized to keep moving forward.