What’s More Important: The Dream Or Other’s Approval?

Dream or the Approval

Be happy. Keep working.


We are always watching what the next person has. Trying to stay relevant with material things. Relevant to people who care nothing about you.
Oftentimes we are worried about being popular and making others jealous. When you should be grateful for what you have now and working on something better. It’s all about building a legacy that your ancestors could be proud of.


Put in the work!


It’s just as simple as that. You must put in the work for your dreams to come true. What does your heart desire? What lies in your subconscious that you are scared to reveal to the world?

Speak it into existence, come up with a plan and get after it.

What are you waiting for?

Have a great Friday everyone!!


Monday Motivation – Be. Become

Be become

Be.  As little children we have all been asked the proverbial question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  As children we had no idea how rough and unpredictable the world was.  We just wanted to be something without the hangups that society forced on us.  Lawyer. Doctor. Teacher. Basket Ball player.  What I think is missed in our  pursuit of our goals is that we subconsciously try to be like a particular person or fit a model.  It’s something we can’t help if we were raised that way.

 Let’s try a different approach.  

Become.  What is your goal in life?  Who has already succeeded in it?  Got it?  Now, I say let’s pursue it differently than others will.  Sure, we know we have to work hard in school or on the field.  Take a different route to get there.  If you are on a basketball team, learn all the positions instead of one, so that you become more valuable to the team.  In turn you become great because your team grew stronger.  Take the journey of learning  about your goal while you are pursuing a different path.  Read more. Experience it in different environments.  I guarantee  that in the end, who you needed to become will shine through.  We have enough carbon copies in the world…become you.

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